Top Ten Search Engines

Before we start on the topic of Top Ten Search Engines, for the beginners let me explain that a Search Engine is a website specifically created to search for information from the WWW using a search term. It has a Spider or “crawler” software that reads web pages and are ranked according to the search algorithm of a search engine.

Now, what comes to the mind first, when we think of searching the Internet? Yes, you are correct, the first thing which comes to our mind is Google. Google search engine has become more important than our teachers, parents or friends in terms of getting answers for a query.

But, don’t forget that there are other search engines too exist on the Internet, and have their due importance and credibility. Let us discuss the Top Ten Search Engines which are making their presence felt on the Internet.

Here is the list of top ten popular search engine

1. Google

Google is in fact, controlling the market in all countries for Internet searches on all types of devices. The quality of its search results is unmatched. The Google ranking algorithm being improved continuously to give you search results. Once you get used to using Google, I am sure you won’t settle for anything less. No wonder it controls the share between 81.5% and 92.96%. in the worldwide market. If you are not aware of the history of Google, let me tell you that Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998 while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California.

Do you know? The word Google comes from the word Googol – a mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros.

2. Bing

Bing is a poor cousin of Google, and Microsoft’s futile effort to match Google.  The market share of Bing is even less than 6%, although it is a default search engine on Windows PCs.


Long-time back, Yahoo was the first preference of the users. In fact, before Google or Facebook, Yahoo was the king of the internet. But good times didn’t last due to lost opportunities and wrong policies of Yahoo controllers. Now, Yahoo has been de-ranked to third place with a market share of only 2 %.

The only silver lining for Yahoo is, it’s the default search engine for Firefox browsers in the United States.

4. Baidu

Baidu came into existence in 2000 and used extensively in Chine.  With Chinese people giving it preference, it’s market share is increasing steadily. Remember that Although Baidu is reachable worldwide, it is only available in the Chinese language. Baidu also has Baidu Maps, a mapping solution similar to Google Maps, but limited only to the Greater China region. Try your luck with Baidu if you know only the Chinese language.

5. Yandex

Yandex is a Russian company that is best known for its Yandex search engine. This search engine that was originally started in Russian at, but now has launched a global English version

Personally, I like Yandex very much because of its simple interface. And on top of that if you are not satisfied with the results, at the bottom it will give options to search with Google or Bing. Yandex, Have some confidence in you!

Do you know? Russia is one of the very few countries where Yandex is the most popular Search Engine, beating Google to Second place.

6. Duck Duck Go

DuckDuckGo market share is between 0.28% and 0.43%. The specialty of this Search Engine is that its tracker blocker stops advertisers from tracking you on the sites you visit. Also, Other search engines track your search history but Duck Duck does not do that. So you can surf the Net with 100% peace of mind without getting the fear of tracking out.

Do you know? The search engine’s tagline is “Privacy, simplified.”


Earlier this search engine was known as Ask Jeeves. Its purpose was to get the search term in the form of natural language. For example, “What is the population of India?”. But, now every search engine has this capability to be asked a question in the natural language and answer it with high accuracy. receives approximately 0.42% of the search share. The results returned a lack of quality compared to Google or even Bing and Yahoo.

8. Ecosia

If you are looking for a way to save the planet by planting trees, use Ecosia Search engine. Yes, it is true. Ecosia is an environmentally friendly search engine. Ecosia uses the profits generated from search engine queries to plant trees. Isn’t it amazing?

9. SlideShare

If you are having a business or preparing a project, and need to create a presentation quickly, this search engine can rescue you from difficult situations.

This unique search engine allows you to search for slideshow presentations and also save those on your local computer. You can also search for eBooks and PDFs.

10. Internet Archive

Ever wondered, how Google used to look like when it started in 1998?. Or want to extract information from a webpage of the website which has been closed?

  Here comes a very useful search engine for your help.  It works by taking a screenshot of websites at different time intervals. And when you need to go back to the history of a website, it will present you with the saved information.

 Well, these are some of the important search engines we have discussed. If I have not mentioned any important search engine which is really useful, kindly do so in the Comments section.

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