Improtance of Snapchat Markeitng

What is Snap chat ?

Snap chat is a free  Mobile application , which  is used for Photo , videos , Messages and etc. Snap chat is created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc. Snapchat is released on july 2011. Snapchat allows to share framed pictures videos. It provides also another feature- that is  drawing tool , In which you can  easily draw pictures, draw on  photos, and add text to photos before sending them. Drawing tool is very famous in young people who are using social networks as an outlet for creative expression and having a laugh.

Benefits of  Snapchat

  1. Snapchat has popular features of among Irish teens are the Lenses in which you can  add fun real-time special effects and sounds, change their voice in videos, face swap with friends, or even super-impose a face from your photo gallery onto your face. 
  2.  The another feature is Snapchat stories  in which you can add your stories ,which is shows  for 24 hours and can be seen more than once. There is another option to share your story publically using the Our Story feature. You can also browse through stories published by popular brands and celebrities.
  3.  Snapchat has another famous feature Memories– In which You can  created so users could show each other their photos from the app. You  can also search through memories using different tag words associated with the photos .Memories can be shared as a story or directly to another friend  by showing a friend the album in real life. There is an another option in which you can hide  photos and  imported to Memories by moving them to the any named  folder which can be password protected.  This Feature  can be accessed by swiping up on the main camera screen.
  4. Snapchat  has another feature in which  shows news and entertainment videos on its ‘discover’ feature. Using this feature you have access to articles and videos from their media partners.
  5. Snapstreaks feature  is added in march 2017 . This is also very popular feature in which you can  adds a gaming element to the app which can be achieved if you follow a few rules. If 2 persons ‘snap’ each other within 24 hrs for three consecutive days, you will be awarded with a fire emoji beside your names. this ‘snapstreak’ is to maintain the stream of texts between you and the other person for as long as possible without breaking the chain. If either fail to send a chat within the time frame the streak will end.  If any disappears, you can use the report tool Snapchat Support to resoleve your query . In snap chat you can groupchat as well .

Important  for Marketing

There is another feature  about  that Snapchat  is  while save the images, there’s still a time limit on how long it will be on the app. As a marketer, you can add a sense of urgency. While using Snapchatting  these are some limited-time discount codes. Snapchat helps you to increase your  Social Media Presence that helps you to grow your business . Snapchat is a huge platform to grow your business  but   If a younger demographic is part of your target audience. Sanpchat helps you to build your brand by  using it to promote your business it connect you  with and it helps you to permote your brand. You can permote your business with lots of money to spend on  advertising have used Snapchat’s Snap Ads on Snapchat. These helped build brand awareness and promoted their business to users of the platform. Snapchat isn’t a platform that you absolutely have to be on-yet. The benefit is that your offers won’t be buried under a flood of other similar offers, and you can reap the rewards. Sanpchat is  very huge platform to  build your brand awareness and grow your business.It is an social platform which very famous in youngsters and used the most.