How to apply for Student Visa

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You must be looking to know about the process of student visa submission. You would be having a question in your mind How to apply for a student visa?

How to apply, where to apply, what documents you need are maybe some of your other questions.

Well, applying for student visa, not a difficult process. You just need to fulfill some legal demands.

You can do it by yourself or to make it easier you can consult an expert. Experts can guide you through the whole process. There are hundreds of visa immigration offices that can make it easy for you.

Before learning the process of visa applying, you must know about 

What is the student visa?

  • Student visa is a type of document which is issued to the applicant to visit another country. The applicant goes there in order to pursue his or her education.
  • This is issued to those whose purpose is to get an education in another country. They are very important to get admission in college or university of another country.
  • There are some legal documents that you required in order to apply for this visa.
  • Documents vary from country to country because different countries have different policies that demand documents.
  • This visa can be valid for 2 years or more according to your degree or course program.

When you should apply for a student visa?

You must know when you should apply for a student visa. In my advice, you should apply 3-4 months before your deadline date given university or college. Keep in mind that you need to collect some important documents and certificates. The documents are a passport, IELTS or PTE score and of course date given by the university. If you are looking forward to taking an education loan or scholarship then it is advisable to add more months.

Let’s have a look at what documents you will need while applying for a student visa:

Required documents for student visa

Passport: – 

This is the imperative document. While you would require a legitimate identification, what you can be sure of is that for various nations, the policy of legitimacy of your visa may vary. A few nations would need you to have legitimacy until you finish the course. Even at the hour of applying for the understudy visa. A few then might allow you to have a legitimacy that reaches out past the expected remain in the nation. You need to guarantee that you have two clear pages in your identification for stepping for a visa.

Finance proof:- 

The greater part of the nations would expect you to demonstrate that you are equipped for not just dealing with the educational cost and school costs but have the assets to manage the cost of your stay in that nation for the planned examination time frame. While numerous nations have a specified measure of assets it would require, some have wider progressively broad rules. For example, numerous nations in Europe (like Germany, Netherlands) have a base living expense figured according to government measures. Understudies who apply for visas in these nations must give evidence that the said sum is accessible with them in prepared money.

Proof of being a Bonafide student: –

To the country, you are applying for, you just need to give proof of being a bonafide student. You must show the proof that you belong to that particular institute that you are applying to.

Language proficiency test: –

 I am sure you have heard about some of the popular language proficiency tests like IELTS and PTE. By taking these tests you acquire a certificate that you need to show to get admission to college and apply for the student visa.

What is the Process of Applying for the Student Visa?

Now let’s have a look at how to apply for a student visa:

The process starts after you receive an offer letter from the college or university. After getting the letter you will be eligible to submit your visa file.

(After receiving Letter, The College which you have applied gives 20-30 days period of time to submit fees and GIC.)

You can choose from two methods given below:-

Offline submission of visa application: In this method, candidates need to download student visa applications. After downloading, fill the form carefully and submit to the authority.

Online submission of visa application:  This is a simple method because of online. Candidate requires creating student profiles online and filling the online form carefully.

Payment of the visa fee is necessary to pay for all students. After the payment is done student will submit the application with required supporting documents.

Overall, it might be a big and lengthy process, to be honest. Although it does not mean it is difficult. My advice is you should probably take help from some experts in this field.

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