How to Get Digital Marketing Jobs in Chandigarh

How to Get Digital Marketing Jobs in Chandigarh

Today we will discuss How to Get Digital Marketing jobs in Chandigarh. But first let’s know more about Internet marketing concepts.

The world is getting digital day by day and so are the traditional methods of marketing in every field.In earlier times , only outbound marketing was the most popular method of marketing which included TV and radio advertising, door to door selling etc.

These methods are expensive and with low conversion results, now the time has changed due to growing innovation and digitalization markets are now connected to the internet.

This gave birth to the inbound form of marketing i.e  marketing which also known as online marketing where your product will be advertised to the interested users only, via social media, Search engines, blogs, e-commerce etc.

Digital marketing industry is already getting popular, according to online marketing association, Digital Marketing industry is worth $62 billion.

There is a huge scope of career in digital marketing  in many cities like Chandigarh, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc. But today we will discuss Digital Marketing jobs in Chandigarh, a beautiful city which has huge potential for Digital marketing training and jobs.

What is Digital marketing?

In simple words, Digital marketing also known as online marketing is the combination of technique and strategy for the promotion and sales of products and services mainly through the internet media, which includes social media, e-commerce, blogging, etc. it also includes optimization techniques like SEO, SMMO, etc to increase the rankings of any websites or product in search engine results.


Scope of Digital Marketing as a Career

Online marketing is rapidly getting promoted as a career opportunity, Growth of independent companies like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal etc gave a new rise in online marketing field as every company wants to provide their services with the help of internet. This gave a huge opportunity for the Digital Marketers, as traditional form i.e outbound marketing is declining in most of the fields.

Internet Marketing jobs require specialized skills and techniques for creating and promoting brands and products. In near future, it will be providing around 1.5 lakh jobs per year.

Many Big Digital Companies like Google, Microsoft etc have special openings for Digital marketing jobs every year. There is tremendous growth in the E-commerce industry in India which is worth $1.2 trillion worldwide and $13.5 billion in India, with the growth rate of  7.7%.

There will be 38% rise in the demand for career in digital marketing this year.


So there is a huge opportunity for jobs in Online Marketing  Career due to increasing demand in digital skills. If you have the right amount of specialized knowledge and skills of marketing with technical mindset than this career will definitely be a game changer in your life.

Salary of Digital Marketing Manager:

salary of digital marketing manager

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager for freshers is about Rs.6,79,679 annually in India according to the place, skill, and requirement but however digital marketing is an ocean for job seekers and fresh entrepreneurs as it  has multiple parts and modules like SEO, SMO, PPC etc, each field requires specialized skills and knowledge .

Salary of each module varies differently if you have specialized skills in it. So you have many job options in Digital marketing field which you can choose according to your interests and skills. Now we will discuss some of the important modules of Digital Marketing.


Important Modules of Digital Marketing Jobs

SEO:  SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, it is basically the optimization of web pages and making them Search Engine friendly, increasing their ranking in search engine results. You can also work as an SEO specialist and enhance your career in this field.

You can also become SEO specialist and the average salary of an SEO Expert as a fresher is about rs. 183,086 annually. You can also earn more depending on your specialized skills.

PPC:  PPC is known as pay per click or costs per click where the advertiser has to pay every time when anyone clicks on any of his advertisements on the internet.

The average salary of pay per click manager is around $50,371 per annum. Depending on position and skill salary may vary but it is a good career platform for freshers.

SMO:  Social Media Optimization is basically for creating publicity and awareness of product or services, improving branding on social networking sites like facebook, Twitter, linked IN etc.

In INDIA the average salary of Social Media Manager is around rs. 5 Lakh per year, so if you are very active on social media sites and have the right skills you can earn a lot.

 SMM:  In Social Media marketing we posts paid ads on social media sites for making a market of the product at Large extent. A social media manager should have equal skills of both SMM and SMO.

ORM:  Online Reputation Management is used for improving or restoring the online reputation of your name, brand, services, blogs etc on the internet. With the help of ORM, you can easily increase the goodwill of your business.


Scope of Digital Marketing jobs in Chandigarh

Now we will discuss How to Get Digital marketing Jobs in Chandigarh and growing IT and BPO  sectors in this beautiful city. As we know Chandigarh has some of the biggest IT companies around the nation such as Infosys, Dell, tech Mahindra, and several other IT companies which directly operates from the IT park in Chandigarh and STPI located in Mohali.These companies have full potential for providing Digital marketing jobs in Chandigarh as they have high competition and broader reach.

These companies are constantly looking for the skilled and professional digital marketers who can help them in increasing their online sales and conversions at a high level. So if you have enough skills and knowledge about the online marketing field you should definitely try in Chandigarh, a city which has a huge opportunity and the potential for digital marketing jobs in Chandigarh and training.

Chandigarh had 22% growth in turnover in 2011-12 IT and ITeS industry, it has outpaced main hubs like Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon etc. The companies which were operating from Chandigarh performed much better with over 40% Growth in turnover despite, over 40% adverse global economic scenario.  These figures indicate the power and potential of Digital Marketing jobs in Chandigarh.

Digital Marketing Jobs Eligibility

As we know Digital Marketing career has lot of scope now  days and this industry will be the future of marketing , There is no special criteria for learning digital marketing ,as anyone can learn it from metric class and there is no specified age for learning Digital Marketing, if you have your business and you want to promote it online then you can also learn it in any age.

Minimum Qualification For Digital Marketing jobs: There is no specified age for learning Digital Marketing but for Digital Marketing jobs you must be Graduate in any stream under recognized university and also you should have Online Marketing  certification or Diploma from google, yahoo, Moz, bing etc, That will be a major plus point for your online Marketing job eligibility.

Online Marketing jobs Description

Digital Marketing Manager is specialist whose job is to make strategy for online products and services ,these techniques can be used through social media , Search Engine Optimization , pay per click,analytics etc. Digital marketer may use all the alternatives of online marketing for the promotion of product and services according to the requirment of that Particular service or product.

In simple words Digital Marketer is a person who makes strategy for the online promotion of services and products and also maintains its quality by giving further instructions to his members about the working of that the particular ad campaign .


We have discussed all the related points regarding How to get Digital Marketing Jobs in Chandigarh and also discussed jobs in online marketing , so you can clearly see that internet marketing is the future and it is slowly eliminating the traditional outbound marketing. There is a growing online competition in the companies in today’s world, this competition and growing use of the internet is providing huge demand for digital marketing jobs in every organization whether it is small or big.

Written by: Romil Mahant