Tableau Course in Chandigarh

Tableau Course in Chandigarh

As complexities are increasing in today’s Big data world, Data visualization has become a need of the hour. It not only helps the data scientists to simplify the complex information, but also makes it easier for the business users to understand this information. Over last few years, Tableau has emerged as a golden boy among various Data Visualization tools because its user friendly advanced capabilities.

With help of this Tableau online training you will acquire data visualization skills which are constantly increasing in demand. This Tableau course is very easy to learn and also includes different practical examples ranging from simple reporting analytics to interactive dashboards with story lining. 

This practical skill based tableau course is an excellent value for money, making it a must add-on to any other course you learn at Webtech Learning!

Who Should do this course?

Data Scientists/ Business Analysts/ Graduates from various disciplines who want to create visually appealing dynamic reports for performance tracking, etc. or get a job in Data Visualization field.

What you will learn?

The course will help you to:

  • Create intelligent business solutions for data
  • Visualize, analyze, and combine multiple data sets without using any complex scripting
  • Share dashboards with anybody and spread insightful information
  • Display complex analytical problems within seconds
  • Work with data from Hadoop, data warehouses, spreadsheets and data sets
  • Save time by analyzing tons of data and also connect to data infrastructures by using Tableau
  • Scale from small to large and support growing analytics

How will this course benefit you?

Data today is the biggest catalyst in accomplishing business goals and drives most business decisions. Organizations therefore need professionals who can analyze and present data in a manner that is lucid and comprehensible. Tableau is a simple, easy-to use software that allows you to work with all kinds of data and share it across departments and groups. Once you finish our interactive course, you will have mastered Tableau to perform complex analytic operations on tons of data within minutes. You will also receive post workshop assistance to solve any queries that you might have regarding the software.

Any Perquisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for attending this course, though knowledge of the R language will help in better grasping the concepts of Tableau.

Who should take this course? 

  • Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Testing Professionals
  • Statisticians, Business Analysts, Project Managers
  • Data Visual Analysts Functional Experts
  • Graduates and Professionals looking to move to analytics domain

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