What is ISTQB Certification & its benefits?

What is ISTQB Certification & its benefits?

Hey, Friends, This post is for all those readers who are thinking to opt for “Software testing” as the career, Professional testers, Test managers, or those who are currently persuing their graduation & masters in BCA, M.Tech, MCA, B.Tech, BSc.IT etc in any stream. The contents available in this post will guide you regarding the ISTQB Certification and its Benefits for a Job as well as career. Anyone associated with software testing must be aware of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification.


Introduction to ISTQB Certification:

ISTQB Certification is an internationally accepted software testing certification that is conducted online by its Member Boards through a testing Exam Provider. Founded in 2002, it is legally registered in Belgium.  It is carefully formulated exam that provides a chance to the capable testers who have incredible professional skills for getting advanced knowledge of software testing after cracking it. It gives great support to their career path by providing certification levels that are corresponded to their roles and experience as well.

An Exam Provider is an organization licensed by a Member Board(s) to offer exams locally and internationally including online testing certification. Candidates who successfully pass the exam are given the ISTQB Certified Tester certificate. International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Certification is available in 70 countries where ISTQB is represented by a Member Board. Member Board names differ from country to country. For example, the member board in the United States is called American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), in India, it’s called Indian Testing Board (ITB).

However, the syllabus for the exam, the questions, pattern of the exam and all other details remain the same. ISTQB is a non-profit organization run volunteers and industry experts.

Who are eligible for ISTQB certification:

Whether you are an experienced software tester or planning to build a career in it, ISTQB certification can amplify your career prospects and give you a competitive edge. There is no secret that being a certified tester will definitely increase your chances of getting hired as certifications have been a ‘beloved tool’ of professionals for information technology jobs over the years. ISTQB certification is one of the fastest growing certification in the world as the number of certified testers is increasing rapidly.

The importance of ISTQB certification:

  • There is no minimum qualification or experience needed to take the Foundation Level exam
  • This means that you can take up the exam when you are in college, in between jobs or try to switch from another field into Testing.
  • ISTQB certification is comparatively less expensive than other certifications
  • Authorized to use the “Certified Tester” logo (specifying the level of certification)
  • This an online testing certification which can be taken up by anyone from IT or from a non-IT field.
  • The certification has 3 levels and ISTQB Foundation Level certification does not require any work experience.
  • ISTQB certification makes you eligible to get the testing job anywhere in this world unlikely to the other certifications which are recognized country wise.
  • ISTQB certification will not expire like the CSTP certification which is valid only for three years and after that, testers need to qualify again to keep their certification.


This certification is divided into 3 levels:

#1. Foundation level certification

#2. Advanced level certification

#3. Expert level certification


#1. Foundation level certification: The Foundation Certification is the entry-level certification, designed for people who are fresher and for experienced practitioners wishing to start moving up the ladder of ISTQB certifications. The goals of the Foundation Certification are to ensure a broad understanding of the fundamental best practices and key concepts in software testing and to provide a foundation for professional growth. The syllabus covers six main topics: fundamentals of testing; testing in the software lifecycle; static techniques like reviews; behavioral (black box) and structural (white box) test design; test management and testing tools.

#2. Advanced level certification: The Advanced Certification is the mid-level certification, designed for those with at least five years experience as testers. The goals of the Advanced Certification are to ensure an understanding of advanced best practices and key concepts in software testing amongst committed test professionals and to support on-going professional growth. The syllabus is divided into three main areas: advanced behavioral or black box testing and testing standards for business-oriented testers; test automation and advanced structural or white box testing for technically-oriented testers and programmers; and, sophisticated test management concepts for managers.

#3. Expert level certification: The Expert Certification, is for leaders in the field of software testing, those with eight or more years of experience. The goals of the Expert Certification are to ensure consistent understanding and execution of proven cutting-edge techniques by seasoned test professionals and to lead the software testing profession. Since experts tend to specialize, we will offer various expert syllabi addressing topics like test process improvement, test automation, test management, and industry-specific test techniques.


How to Get Prepared for the ISTQB Examination?

Now when it is the matter of getting prepared for the ISTQB examination then few points should be considered while getting the proper training. These are mentioned below:

  • Self-Guided & Self-Study: The first and foremost tip to get prepared for the ISTQB examination is that the resources like syllabus and glossary available over the internet should be well-focuses. An individual should follow the concept of self-guided and self-study as well. Once the resources are collected, then studying the important concepts of software testing on your own will work in achieving the goal.
  • Learning Courses: There are many institutes in Chandigarh, India that provide educational courses in the software testing industry through short-term courses in software testing. Such courses really benefit in performing the mock test in order to check the course covered for the preparation and time taken to complete the test as well.
  • Use Books: As far as books are concerned, these help in getting through all the major concepts of software testing in detail and thoroughly so that basic understanding of any IT term is cleared.
  • Instructor-Lead Courses: There is an availability of instructor-lead courses in the industry that are provided by the leading IT professionals. A trained individual will help in understanding the testing technologies and guide in doing everything hard for cracking the ISTQB examination.


In order to get certified in software testing, passing the ISTQB examination is important and pass it,  professional knowledge of testing is absolutely required. Hence, with all the fundamentals related to ISTQB certification mentioned above, an experienced tester will definitely get the advanced training of software testing after cracking the exam.
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