What is the future scope of PHP developers in India?

What is the future scope of PHP developers in India?

Advantages for PHP Developers those looking future scope

One big advantage of PHP Developers, PHP is easy to learn and they can do freelancing projects as well while in the job whereas java developers do struggle only in their respective jobs

Another advantage for PHP Developers is, after having one year experience in web development, they get offers from many other companies with good salary package whereas java developers have to have at least two year experience to make more job opportunities.

The field of PHP Developing has both the merits and demerits. High salaries, working in various industries, freedom of remote location are the advantages of entering into the PHP development. Whereas long working hours can be disastrous for body parts which gradually start aching; one constantly needs to be updated with technology and should know multitasking as well. There are various Php developer Jobs In Delhi. It is the most in trend language for scripting small scale applications as well the huge data oriented applications or the websites. The average salary for a PHP Software Developer / Programmer is Rs 240,070 per year.


Php has good career opportunity, before few years ago big MNC companies like, Infosys, Wipro, TCS prefer to hire Java programmers and there was very low recruitment of people with profile of php. But now lot’s of big companies come with php projects and increase the recruitment in this field as compare to Java and Dot net programmers.

When it comes to variety, php developers works on Most of popular are based on ti’s frameworks and CMS and they all are very valuable and most demanded from eCommerce to blogging industry. That’s right only php will not work fine, you must have good knowledge of php frameworks like, Zend, Laravel, Nette, Symfony2 and others.


That’s right most of popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo, flicker, Digg, Delicious and many more. Know why I am adding this point. I am just tell you one thing, that there are lot’s of small and popular online web applications based on php are running online and they all are managed and addons by php developers.Means you have lot’s of opportunity to work with your dream companies.


There is multiple scope with php, you are not limited to jobs only for earning money. After getting good experience in this field you can start your own php based services as a full time freelancer or part time with your regular jobs. You can take they projects from online bidding sites like, Upwork, Elance and others.

Everything you have to do is, after completing your office time spend your time on build beautiful profile on online bidding sites and bid on relevant projects you can complete and perform the task in free time after office work and can earn a lot.


Actual there is no fix salary we can say, not even based on work experience. Salary of php developers is based on company and skills, no. of frameworks and cms knowledge they have. When you survey for the salary in different company you got, one company pay 4 lackhs annually with experience of around 2 years and another company is paying just 2 lackhs annually to employ of same experience.

These are some predections, but here below I have take a screenshot of Payscale salary which show the actual data of php developers. This data is based on 2,249 developers of this field for calculate the salary updates, if you are looking to make your career in this field then contact for php training by industry experts having 10+ years of experience in same field.