Famous Festivals Celebrated in Chandigarh

Famous Festivals Celebrated in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one of the early planned modern city of India. Chandigarh also symbolizes as the city of the freedom fighters of India & also expressed as the nation’s faith in the future.

The people of Chandigarh is always found in the festive mood celebrating all the festival with whole heartedly together.

All the festivals are celebrated with the pure feeling f love & happiness & it is a way to bring people closer that allow them to share good things.

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A festival is the special occasion of celebrating the happiness usually with a religious focus. They are meant to rejoice the special moments & emotions.

They play an important role in to add structure to our social lives & connect us with our families & friends.

There are many festivals which are celebrated all over the India but, some of the famous festivals of Chandigarh are as follows:

Famous Festivals

There are number of festivals which are celebrated in the Chandigarh. All the people of Chandigarh celebrate all the festivals together so that the love, joy & happiness last for long.

  • Baisakhi Festival – Baisakhi is one of the major festivals of Sikhs & it is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm, happiness & love in the state of Punjab & all over the world where there is especially the Sikhism community.

People of Punjab celebrate this festival with full energy & as this festival has major importance for the sikh religion, major activities are celebrated in the Gurudwaras. Baisakhi is also popularly known as “VAISAKHI”.

On this special day people wear new clothes & distribute the sweets all over their families, friends & relatives to share the love & happiness among them.


  • Chandigarh Mango Festival – Chandigarh Mango festival is the festival which is celebrated with lots of anxiety & enthusiasm in the Pinjore Garden, Chandigarh.

Mango festival is the festivity of Mangoes. It gives the opportunity to all the mango growers to display their variety of mangoes.

The Mango Festival is celebrated in Chandigarh for the two days to encourage the farmers to adopt the latest technology & to increase their mango production & quality, so that they can get the maximum return on their produce.


  • Festivals of Gardens – A festival of garden is a three day celebration programme which is organized in the last week of February, earlier which was known by the name of Rose festival.

The festival of garden is celebrated in the month of February end or in the month of March. It is named “Festival of Garden” since 1987.

On the special day of festival of garden number of colourful events are organized such as the performances of music & dance, flower shows, food courts, exhibitions, events by children & much more.

Various companies also put up their stalls to showcase their products.


  • Chandigarh Carnival – Chandigarh is the three day long carnival festival celebrated in the month of November at the Leisure Valley. Number of cultural events are organized like dancing, singing both folk & cultural events are organized over there.

Chandigarh Carnival is celebrated every year with full enthusiasm & pick & drop us facility is also provided to the senior citizens so that they don’t face any of the problems while coming for the Carnival Festival.


  • Chandigarh Plaza Carnival – Chandigarh Plaza Carnival is the festival which is celebrated at the open stage in sector 17. Chandigarh Carnival is the very popular weekly show. It is hosted by the private groups to encourage local artists to come forward & showcase their talent.


Chandigarh – “The City Beautiful” is the land of festivals where all the people celebrates all the festivals together to share their love, Joy & happiness.